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McDonald’s Delivery At Your Fingertips: Order McDonald’s Now

McDonald’s is the world’s leading fast food chain, specialising in hamburgers. Because of its good taste and quality, a large number of people consume its food regularly. That’s why, McDonalds has launched its own home delivery McDonald’s Delivery service so its beloved customers can get their food delivered directly to their office, home or wherever they want.

Besides its own McDelivery service, McDonalds also has its official delivery partners such as Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat with quick and exemplary home delivery services making sure that you get your meal as hot and fresh as you get from the restaurant.

McDonald’s access, on your fingertips!


Get you order with McDonald’s App.


Get you order with Uber Eats App.


Get you order with Just Eat.


Get you order with Dilveroo App.

McDonald’s Delivery App

McDelivery is McDonald’s delivery service. Using McDelivery, you can choose your favourite McDonald’s items by checking out all the items on their menu in the UK. This service charges just a little extra pounds to get your food delivered at your doorstep.

Pricing Details

Usually the delivery charges are between £ 1.99 to £ 3.99. Minimum delivery will be charged to the areas nearest to the McDonald’s restaurant. You can also avail special discounts on your delivery charges through McDonalds App offers.

Moreover, McDonalds also provides an online delivery locator on its website from where you can check the availability of home delivery services in your specific area. Usually it delivers in all the major cities in the UK.

How To Order Through McDelivery?

You can easily order online through McDonald’s App by following steps:

  1. Download the official McDonalds App and register yourself by entering details
  2. You can register on this app only if you are 18 years old.
  3. Then, click on the Order button and select either McDelivery or Pickup.
  4. Click on McDelivery option to check out the menu to see what to order
  5. Choose the items you want and put them in your cart then click Order
  6. Finally, choose a payment method and place your order

Uber Eats McDonald’s Delivery

It’s a food delivery service offered by a well-known transportation network, Uber. Customers can order food from their local restaurants via their app and get their food delivered at their desired place in the UK. Uber Eats also partners with McDonald’s so that its customers can order food without leaving the comfort of their homes.

Pricing Details

Uber Eats minimum delivery charges are £ 2.79 for areas that are near to McDonald’s restaurants. Delivery discounts can be availed on ongoing promotions by the app.

How To Order Through Uber Eats?

There are two ways to order through Uber Eats:

  1. Download the UberEats app or visit their website and choose a delivery address.

Then select the Find Food option so you can see a nearby McDonald’s branch from where you can order the food you want.

  1. Or you can simply log into McDonald’s app, click on the UberEats option for your food delivery.

Just Eat McDonald’s Delivery

This is a delivery partner of McDonald’s that provides excellent delivery services in the UK. Their quick and efficient team makes sure that the food is delivered straight to your home saving customers time and without any fuss. You can experience the convenience of home delivery service with a seamless process.

Pricing Details

Delivery charges vary by the distance and location, the closer the restaurant the lesser the delivery charges. Standard delivery charges might decrease if any discounts are offered by the app.

  • For orders less than £ 8 the delivery cost is £ 2.99
  • For orders more than £ 8 the delivery cost will be £ 0.99

How To Order Through Just Eat?

You can easily order online through McDonald’s App by following steps:

  1. Install the Just Eat App
  2. or simply click on Just Eat option on McDelivery App it will take you to Just Eat App or official website
  3. Enter your delivery address to check the available restaurants, choose McDonald’s and add your favourite items to your cart
  4. Select a payment method and finalise your order.

McDonald’s Delivery Deliveroo

Another partner of Mcdonald’s in the UK. Because of its excellent services and vast menu options to choose from, it is amongst the most preferred partners to order from.

Pricing Details

Deliveroo gets you your order with some additional charges depending upon the distance from the McDonald’s restaurant that your food is coming from. The total delivery charges may vary if there are any discounts or promotions going on by the app.

The delivery charges usually range between £ 0.99 to £3.99 according to the distance.

How To Order Through Deliveroo?

You can easily order online through Dilveroo by following steps:

  1. Download Deliveroo app
  2. Create your account and enter the delivery address
  3. Choose all the items you want to order and add to cart
  4. Check-out and confirm your order


McDonald’s tries to deliver its order as soon as possible, but your order should reach within a time of 40 minutes maximum.

There is no minimum amount of order but there are fixed delivery charges.

McDonald’s and its delivery partners, Uber Eats and Just Eat strive to deliver within the set time limit but they demand an extra 15 minutes if there’s a valid reason for delay (such as traffic conditions, weather conditions, rider availability). You can check your order status on McDelivery app or by contacting your courier through by “contacting your courier”. But if your order is late even after these additional 15 minutes, then you should call Uber Eats customer support on 0800 088 5663.

You can avail some deals on McDonalds app but it depends on the restaurant you’re ordering from or the timing of offer.

McDelivery works through its delivery partners that deliver within a set km radius from a participating restaurant, instead of covering the whole area. Your delivery address should be within that set radius of the participating restaurant you’re ordering from.

To deliver food from McDonald’s you need to download McDonald’s app ‘McDelivery’ or go to their website. Add all the items you want to be delivered by selecting ‘Order’ then Select ‘McDelivery®’ and proceed to checkout.

Finally, enter your location information to see the nearby restaurants that are available on McDelivery.

McDelivery is McDonald’s own delivery service that delivers McDonald’s delicious food to its customers’ doorstep. It provides convenience to its customers as they can deliver food through McDelivery without leaving the comfort of their house. 

Uber Eats and Just Eats are McDonald’s delivery partners that work as third parties to deliver McDonald’s food to its customers.

You should check the relevant app from where you’ve placed your order to get all the information about your order and the rider for example Uber Eats or Just Eat. Avoid using any other service or app that is not associated with McDonald’s.

McDonald’s and its delivery partners are planning to launch more local restaurants on their apps soon, so the number of restaurants available on McDelivery will keep on increasing with time. So keep checking the relevant apps for further updates in this regard.

Delivery fee is decided either through McDonald’s or our delivery partners. But delivery charges may differ depending upon the location or any ongoing offers.

Yes, McDonald’s app presents special delivery offers moreover, there may be offers available through McDonald’s delivery partners. You can get these updates through relevant apps like Uber Eats or Just Eat.

To cancel your McDelivery order go to McDonald’s app or their website or any other relevant app through which you placed your order (Just Eat, Uber Eats). Find the order you want to cancel and follow the instructions and then select the option to cancel it. Or you can contact McDonald’s customer support to help you cancel your order.